The main motive of extra curricular activities is personality development. Sharda Mandir High School plays a pivotal role by channelizing energy of students into a fruitful direction of personality development through extra-curricular activities which help to develop creativity and artistic talents among students.


A platform is provided to the students by the school to participate in the activities like Swimming, Taekwando, Dance, Music, Quiz Competitions, Drawing Competitions which helps them learn useful new skills from their chosen activities and will be beneficial in later life. It is rightly said “A lot of careers are built directly from hobbies” which directly helps in the intellectual, emotional and moral development of a child.


Aesthetics and Fine Arts Appreciation

Art is introduced to children so that they use it to play, to express, to explore and to enjoy. The Art room is well-stocked with quality resources like paper, crayons, colors, brushes, easels, etc. A well-defined art curriculum introduces children to various art forms.

Music is also introduced to children at the Pre primary school stage so that they develop a love for it. Children are made aware of rhythm and melody through group songs and rhymes. A well-equipped music room with key boards, drums, guitars, harmonica and a music system provides the perfect environment for children to learn and appreciate music.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The Pre primary school curriculum has been developed to make the child understand and explore his/her immediate environment and the physical world around. Also to learn the basic technique of exploring, questioning and drawing conclusions from their learning.

Basic concepts pertaining to science and social studies are also covered in this pre primary stage.Concepts like human body, foods, animals, environment, weather, culture and festivals, neighborhood, plants, sea-life etc. are introduced.

Physical and Personal Development

Physical and personal development is given paramount importance as it is a very important aspect to overall development of each child. Physical education takes care of developing the fine and gross motor skills and a lot of time is dedicated to this.

Objectives are set for each age group in terms of what they are expected to do physically and necessary developmental aids are used to achieve those. Stamina, balance, rhythm, strength, agility, and concentration are developed using a variety of enjoyable games and activities.

This also helps to develop good habits, self-care ability and a healthy lifestyle which enables children to understand develop awareness towards self reliance.

Social and Moral Development

We recognize that each child will grow into a confident adult only if (s)he has a strong sense of self image. This domain is worked upon every single day in our school through stories, role-play & group activities. Children are encouraged and taught to listen to and respect others’ views and opinions. They are taught to differentiate between good and bad, to be aware of rules and positive discipline. At S. M. High School, we work tirelessly to bring out the best out of your children so that they can be the responsible citizens that you want them to be.

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