The S. M. High School initiative is very close to my heart and strongly driven by the deeply rooted value systems of our country. The overall approach to education in this school will be distinctively different. The children here will be nurtured not only to excel academically but also to become responsible citizens of the society.

We understand that 4 – 12 years is the most crucial phase in the development of a child and we assure to make the most of this period by supporting the child in all aspects.

Our entire team will be striving hard to provide the best facilities and create a platform for the children to sharpen their skills and give them an opportunity to become perfect human beings.

I will always fondly nurture this initiative of developing the S. M. High School to become one of the best educational institutions in the country. I would like to encourage every parent to discover the learning experience that S. M. High School will have to offer.

Mangal P. Lodha

Chairman, Lodha Foundation

School News

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