vedasImparting education in one’s early years, is of utmost importance. We are all aware that more than 50% of intellectual development takes place till the age of five. Hence our responsibility for the Pre Schoolers is much more than that for the higher standard students.

We believe in laying a strong foundation. We prepare children to excel in various skills, viz  learning , social and  life skills. Every child has unique traits, whereby making them SPECIAL to us.




To fulfill their developmental needs we have:

  • Readiness program:  For their all round development, to help them reach the peak of various developmental stages.vedas2
  • Personalised curriculum: Some children learn best when playing, others learn better through songs and music and some through art & craft- so we expose them to experiential and activity based learning.
  • Skill based learning: Our curriculum includes skills like team work, curiosity, creativity, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, etc.


Our motto is to understand children and their needs as well as understand parent’s expectation.



At S. M. High School, we advocate lifelong learning, and a global outlook to life. Our students come from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and may bring varied beliefs and expectations to school. We are sensitive to this, and strive to meet the needs and expectations of every student.


The Primary section of the school focuses on all-round growth of each child encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs along with academic development. S. M. High School draws on research and best practices from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools, to create a relevant, engaging, challenging, and significant educational framework for children to fit in perfectly with our school vision: ‘To prepare 21st century citizens, possessing a strong sense of community with an international perspective, citizens of the world, who think globally and act locally’. The curriculum is a balanced blend of five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action.

The students understand the concepts through questions; develop skills through thinking, analyzing, evaluating, communicating and decision making. Attitudes of the students are fostered for them to feel, value and demonstrate tolerance, respect, integrity, confidence, commitment and appreciation. These help them in decision making and taking appropriate actions. These are the qualities the child carries throughout life which helps lay a strong foundation for the child’s growth.

We believe that schools should be happy and purposeful communities that enable children to achieve their best: spiritually, morally, socially, intellectually and physically; therefore, we are committed to:
• Providing a broad-based curriculum that is designed to motivate& encourage the students and enable them to achieve their potential and make the most of their time at S. M. High School and life beyond here.
• Adopting teaching and learning methodologies that promote creativity and thinking skills.
• Integrating information and communication technology in the educational process.
• Engendering respect for individuality and difference.
• Fostering self-confidence, tolerance, honesty and integrity.
• Enabling students to have an insight into religion and culture.

sscEducation in the secondary school aims at learning facts about history, geography and environmental education which are studied first-hand from direct sources as far as possible. The distribution of the curriculum is not isolated into branches of knowledge but follows an inter-disciplinary approach which is adopted & thus presents each subject in a synthesized fashion.

In the middle school teachers have a regular say in curriculum design and selection of textbooks that offer creative educative experiences. ‘Graded Learning’ provides experiences to the children in proportion to their strengths and interests.Students are prepared for observation in the external environment and given specific techniques, experiments and other creative activities.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done for all standards. Project Work supplements the theoretical acquisition of knowledge which helps understand and apply gathered knowledge in every subject area. The students are prepared for the SSC Examinations conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary School Certificate, Maharashtra.

Educational excursions, nature trails, exploration camps, monsoon treks and participation in co-curricular activities make the education programme a stimulating learning experience for all.

A comprehensive programme of Socially Useful Productive Work(SUPW) and Community Service organized for pupils reaches out to the less privileged in the society

daily routineThe school is divided into two terms: Term 1 (June to October) and Term 2 (November to March)
A student’s daily routine is comprehensive and keeps him/her busy. It includes classroom learning, sports activities & club activities.

The time table varies across standards. A typical day is as follows:
Morning shift 8.30 A.M – 11.15 A.M
Afternoon shift 12:15 P.M – 3:00 P.M

Std. I to X
8.00 AM – 8.20 AM Value Education
8.20AM – 2.05 PM  Academic Classes


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