Roads, today have become extremely unsafe especially for pedestrians. Every day there are news of road accidents.

At Sharda Mandir High School, we aim to make our students aware about all aspects of responsible road behaviour. Responsible road behaviour should not be an alien term to our students but a part of their daily lifestyle.

In our school, a workshop on Road Safety Awareness was conducted by Miss Jasmine Wadia (from Safe Kids Foundation) in the school premises on 28th June 2018 for the students. Principal, teachers along with the students were present for the workshop. Miss Jasmine Wadia with her team made students aware of various traffic rules to be followed for road safety. Students were briefed about various traffic rules and instructions used by traffic police. Valuable information was delivered through video, activities and printed matter.

The seminar was indeed enlightening and highlighted the importance of road safety in all senses. We must not be in the impression that we would be safe even when we don’t follow the rules as atrocities don’t knock at your door before coming.