Plastic pollution is a major global phenomenon that has crept up on us over decades and it requires a global and comprehensive solution that includes systematic rethinks about usage and production.

Campaigners and scientists are increasingly sounding the alarm over the amount of plastic that is used wastefully or that ends up as trash in rivers and oceans causing threat for all living beings.

The recent stir to curb the usage of plastic triggered as a motivational theme for the teachers and children of senior Kg. of Sharda Mandir High School. They took it up as a major Project at the commencement of the new academic year. Through detailed discussions, hands on activities, video clippings, news articles and many more such simplified approaches, the children were made aware of the hazards of plastic that the world is facing. . It was a month of hard work and involvement, of teachers, children and parents which made this project a big success.

To apply their learning to practical use, a “Fancy Dress” was conducted on 23rd July 2018, wherein a bonanza of messages on global warming ,go green, advantages and disadvantages of plastic was showcased through apt dressing. The confidence of the children on the stage was praise worthy and the hard work of parents was clearly visible in the innovative costumes worn by the children.

On 27th July 2018, an exhibition on the theme of “Save Earth and Plastic Management” was put up by the Sr. Kg. team. The Prep parents ,the higher class students and teachers visited the exhibition. The children confidently explained various aspects of 3R’s –Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and about how plastic mismanagement is a threat to all living beings. They also very effectively exhibited various strategies of plastic management. It was a step to bring awareness in all, which was executed and conveyed success.