Diwali or Deepavali the festival of lights. The name Deepavali, where Deep means eathern lamps and avail means string. Over the years, fire crackers were also included in the celebrations.

Unfortunately in recent times Diwali has lost its original connotation and now the celebrations is mostly about burning fire crackers. People spend thousands of rupees without realising its ill effects on the environment and adversely on the health of individuals.

Keeping this great adverse effect in mind, the students of Sharda Mandir High School pledged for a smokeless and pollution free Diwali.

As the hazards of unwanted smoke and sound were portrayed in front of the students. Children and the teachers pledged to make Diwali a joyous occasion by being sensitive to the environment. They pledged to celebrate it with earthen lamps, sweets and togetherness. Also they pledged to spread the joy and celebrations to the underprivileged by donating textbooks, new clothes and sponsoring a lavish meal.