There is no doubt that mothers play an important role in the lives of their children.

But what about a father’s role?
Father’s role is just as important as mothers. Fathers have a large impact, on a child and help shape him/her into a person they become. When a child is born, right from day one, their father is a hero for them. He is a protector, a financer and a pillar of the family. He may not show his affection and concern openly but is silently taking care of child’s all needs and wants. Hence to involve the fathers of our school and to make them feel special, an event
‘My father- My super hero’ was organized at Sharada Mandir High School by Junior Kg. section. It was an effort to bring all fathers together from their busy schedule and spend some wonderful time with their little rock stars. Children were exceedingly glad to participate with their parents in various fun filled games arranged for them. Fathers were delightful to see their children putting up a great show on stage like dramatization, singing and dance performances. Children showed their extravagant love for their fathers by giving a beautiful greeting card prepared by them, for this occasion. The presence of father had made each and every child go berserk. Papas and their tots enjoyed the photo sessions at the photo booth set up for them with a back drop of super heroes like the Batman, Spider man, Hulk and Superman.
Parents and children departed with fond memories.

The bond of duo was quite an enchanting one!

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