Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: It is about UNDERSTANDING

“the best angle from which to approach any problem is the TRYangle”

Quiz competitions help the students to think from a different perspective. It also promotes many good qualities like teamwork, problem solving skills, time management, patience etc. Inorder to test the knowledge of the basic concepts, an Inter- House Math quiz competition was organized for class V  to IX   from 7thDecember to 11th December 2020, at Sharda Mandir  School(Virtual mode i.e. digital platform).

The quiz was presented in an interactive manner and the students enthusiastically participated in it. It commenced with the declaration of the rules and regulations of the competition in front of the participants. There were four teams in total and the quiz comprised of three rounds-Fun with Math(Spellathon, Sudoku),Visual round ,Mixed bag round(Vedic math and Basic concept)

At the end of the competition we all witnessed audience  applauded the winners.

It was altogether a fruitful event for all.


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