Games are an integral part of the holistic development which direct one to be competitive while keeping the spirit of honesty and camaraderie alive. Keeping with the same, the Inter-House Football Match (Boys) and Throw Ball (Girls) were played on 10th August, 2016 between the grades VIII to X in an electrifying environment. The weather was just right for the matches and amidst cheers and a light drizzle, the 4 House Teams were on the ground at August Kranti Maidan. Both the teams tried to outshine each other on the field to show their mettle.

For Football match, Red House emerged victorious scoring 1st position and the 1st runner up was Blue house 2nd runner up was Yellow House. The team could be seen jubilantly celebrating its victory after the match.

For Throw ball match, Yellow House bagged the 1st Position, 2nd Position was Green House and 3rd Position was bagged by the Red House.