Five senses play an important role in one’s life and being deprived of any one of it, makes life a bit of a struggle. Hence to make the children aware of the importance of the sense of sight, the Junior Kg. children did a detailed project on eyes. As an extended experience, the children were taken for a field trip to the” Victoria Memorial School for the Blind” on 20th July 2018. Here the children got an opportunity to see specially designed computer lab, the play area, class rooms and the library with Braille scripted books. They were amused to see the visually impaired children reading books by feeling the script with their fingers. They interacted with the children in the classroom and joined them in their praying session. It was a trip, which sensitized the little ones and they understood that they are blessed, as their all five senses are intact. This deep thoughts will make them better citizens who will exhibit empathy towards the differently abled people and the world will be a better place to live in.