Hot sun and water cool….

Tod’s enjoying by the pool!!!

The students of Junior Kg. were taken for a field trip to Chowpatty beach and Taraporewala Aquarium on Tuesday, 9th October 2018. The field trip was organized for enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. The kids were exposed to the sun, sea, sand, shadow and different species of fishes and marine creatures, as a part of the current theme ‘Day and Night’ and ‘Aquatic animals’. Children enjoyed making sand castle and playing with beach ball. They got engrossed in lots of games and riddle activities. After getting soaked in the sun and sand, they proceeded towards Taraporewala aquarium to explore the world beneath water, where a magical kingdom of sea animals live in. The children were able to connect their acquired knowledge to the practical viewing of sea creatures in the tanks. The children observed their movements and features with care and concentration. It was an enriching experience which was cherished by all. Children were deeply involved with this experience which was clearly visible in the representation they put on the paper after the field trip.