29th November 2019, Friday, Sharda Mandir High School students from grade 5 to grade 9 were taken for educational field trip to ‘FARM STUDIO’ at Wada. The goal of the field trip was to make children learn farming through experience.

All students assembled in school at 7am and left by bus with lots of excitement. As they reached there, students were arranged in groups. Activities were divided into eight different zone; all the activities were performed by students rotating them zone wise.

Zone 1 Junior Farmers: Students learn to plant tree with geobag. Also they were explained what is a geobag and why we plant a tree with geobag as it is biodegradable.

Zone 2 Nursery: Students prepared compost in proper proportion, arranged seed trays and transplanted the sapling.

Zone 3 and Zone 4 Gram Panchayat: Each group of students made scare crow for the field and installed it, also they made posters on environment for general awareness.

Zone 5 and Zone 6 Skill Centre and Future farms: Excellent demonstration and explanation were given on Hydroponic farming and vertical gardening for future farming. At skill center they were taught to use waste or leftover jars and plastic bottles for making teriarum, students planted small plants like baby cactus and decorated so they can gift anyone.

Zone 7 and Zone 8 Farm Stand and Traders Arena: Students planted sapling and learned as well as performed the process of handling vegetables that is they sorted, cleaned and packed the vegetables for sale.

For above activities groups were rewarded maximum 50 farm bits each activity. Farm bits are currency of farm studio which they later used it for purchasing organic vegetables from the farm.

The educational field trip was a real fun and experience learning for children as they performed all what they have learned and few of them are still learning in class. Children came up with lots of skill which were hidden in them while performing the activities, and were connected to nature directly with no gadgets and books. This trip had created a great impact on each child’s mind regarding love for nature. The goal and objective for the field trip was very well achieved.



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