Extinct animals are out of sight and out of mind. Hence to regenerate the enthusiasm of the past and to relive the Jurassic world, the children of senior kg had put up a project on “Dinosaurs.” The work and creation by the children and the teachers took us millions of years in flashback. One whole month of preparations, came alive on, the two days compact programme.

On 29th November 2017 , the children enthusiastically  participated in the “Jurassic Park” fancy dress. It was an enchanting experience to watch a fair of dinosaur species on the stage. We witnesssed  a  tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, spinosaurus, brachiosaurus, giganotasaurus ……and many more……

The tremendous efforts of parents in making hand made costumes was commendable and the act of fearless children performing on the stage was a treat to ones eyes.

On 30th November2017, a “Dino Park “was opened for all, to understand the history of exsistence of dinosaurs and the reasons for the species being extinct. A whole dinosaur world was created with children’s work on display. And the children themselves meticulously explaining the layout of the project, was inexplicable. The involvment and confidence potrayed by the children was worth applauding.

The hard work of the teachers and children cannot be explained in words!!!!

The ecstasy of experiencing this wonderful theme was at it’s peak!!!

It was a Dinoful day!!!!