Tuesday, 14th November2017

Children’s Day is celebrated in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was fondly addressed by children as ‘Cha-cha Nehru’. His birthday is marked as children’s day because of his love and passion for young children.

The Pre Primary section of Sharda Mandir High School celebrated ‘Children’s Day’ with gaiety and fervour on Tuesday, 14th November 2017. The celebrations focused on children and their enjoyment. What could make this age group happy ? …..a pure entertainment programme. Hence to keep up with their joy and enthusiasm , a ‘Puppet Show’ was organised and performed by the teachers of the pre primary section. An animal based story was selected and was executed to perfection. The jungle set up on the stage was an asset to the show.Children were thoroughly delighted and enjoyed the show to the fullest.

This was followed by a ‘Magic Show’ performed by a professional. Children went berserk watching various tricks and were amused to see the hall filled with cute animals like the fluffly dog, rabbit, white mouse and pegion. They were glued during the performance and the auditorium echoed the gleeing sounds of the little ones. The children truly enjoyed their day!