The Students of Sharda Mandir High School set out on an educational field trip to experience the basic principles and marvels in science and technology at ‘The Nehru Science Centre’.

The students saw exhibits on Energy transfer, Electric Potential, Mirror maze and electromagnetism etc…They were exposed to various habitats of animals, including extinct animals, and were informed about the survival of the fittest in nature. A 3D show based on the existence of the universe enhanced their knowledge of the universe.

Students got an opportunity to take a glimpse of innovations in science education, through various sections of the centre such as AerospaceEvolution, Human & MachineLight & Sight, Pre-historic Animal Life, Sound & Hearing etc. They also had a 40 minutes show in Science Odyssey Dome Theatre which is an educational show with entertainment where they were shown a science film “Alaska- Spirit of the wild”. They also visited Science on Sphere(SOS) section, where they learnt the concept of climatic changes and the reasons for the same.

Students then proceeded for “I am Mother” show. They learnt about human anatomy as the different internal organs in a life size transparent glass model of a human body light up. Synchronised commentary supported with PowerPoint presentation and animations explained the functions of these organs.

It was a fruitful day for the students!!!