Sharada Mandir High School had organized an excursion to Kidzania for the students of class 1 to 4 on 29th November, 2019. Unlike any traditional theme park or entertainment zones, Kidzania provides an environment that empowers kids to explore the wide and amazing world and challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences. It is a Global Indoor Entertainment and Learning Centre for students that emulates the working of a real city built to scale for kids. Kidzania is like a big city for children in which they can choose to participate in their choice of 100+ activities that teach them about real-life jobs or professions, developing key skills like – Psychomotor, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Language Skills.

There were many activities in which our children were completely engrossed. Kidzania had mini set ups of dominos, petrol pump, big bazaar, salons, dubbing centre etc. The children became fire fighters, police officers, dentist, delivery personals etc. They also made chocos, donouts, kinderjoy, frooti, candies, pizza etc on their own. These all activities stimulated their creative thinking skills and boosted their self-confidence. The children earned money which are called Kidzos for doing different work. They bought things with those Kidzos. In some activities they had to spend their Kidzos too. The students were ready to take up any challenge that came their way to earn Kidzos. There was also a YES Bank in which the children could make their own debit cards and they learnt about different banking facilities.

The activities offered a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity for all the kids. It fostered a hands-on approach for the children to explore different occupations and careers. Through this experience, they also learnt real life values, social skills and team work. It was overall a fun-filled enriching experience for all the kids. They learnt many new things, explored different activities, enjoyed a lot and went home with great joy and sweet memories.

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